Health Insurance

“There is nothing more important than our good health. As humans that’s our principal capital asset.”

When you purchase a health insurance policy through Webster Insurance Agency, you are also getting an advocate for your health. Should you have a claim or a health issue, we will be here to help you figure out your best options.


  • - Corporate/Business Health Insurance Plans for employees
  • - Individual Health Insurance Plans
  • - Family Health Insurance Plans


QUESTION:Does it cost more money to use a health insurance broker such as Webster Insurance Agency?
ANSWER:No. Many people don’t realize that there is no charge to the consumer (you) for using a broker. An experienced broker will be able to offer you many different options and plans from many different health insurance companies (Blue Cross, Pacificare, Kaiser, Aetna, United Healthcare are just a few of the various options we offer). The broker receives a commission from the health insurance companies that they represent. There is no cost to the consumer.
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